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Wing Doozy had the privilege of donating to an annual golf outing locally that raises funds for different community organizations in West Michigan. This year the Gimmies and Ringers group decided to donate to Camp Blodgett, a camp that allows students and under privileged children from the Grand Rapids area to go experience Lake Michigan and all it has to offer. We love to see our students and children in West Michigan have wonderful experiences, get to have fun like children should, and especially share the experience of enjoying camp on our big lake!


We were recently contacted by a group of former Creston High School graduates that put on a golf outing every summer. Wing Doozy decided to help out one of our local area high schools with donating some prizes and gift cards for their raffle. The support that we receive from the Plainfield community is great and we want to make sure we are giving back to the community that gives to us! Thank you for letting us do what we love!

Special Needs Swing

One of our facebook fans made us aware of two young ladies in early elementary school who had younger siblings with special needs. They realized that their school did not have swings that would support their siblings needs so they were going to raise funds for a swing by collecting pop cans. Wing Doozy decided this was a great option for us to give back and potentially provide these young ladies money in their effort to cover the cost of the swings! We contacted the parents of the children to see if we could split the cost of the swing with the young ladies! Apparently we were not the only ones who felt a need to help these older siblings out in their fundraising, because in our follow up, we discovered that in total the young ladies raised enough to buy four swings for their school!

Sparta Football

Our buddies and great Wing Doozy fans at Sparta football put on a golf outing to help raise funds that support their football program. It was our pleasure to step up and sponsor a hole at their wonderful golf outing early in the summer. Those funds raised will allow Sparta to offer a fantastic football program for their students, provide those scholar athletes additional structure, train those kids with a hard work ethic, and will help build new traditions at Sparta! Maybe we can get a few of them to work at Wing Doozy some day.