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Wing Doozy Wyoming is proud to present: SLUSHIES!

Strawberry, Pina Colada, and Lime slushies are now ice cold and ready for your summer drink!  Kids will love them.  And adults 21+ may want to “Adultify” them by adding our specialty Rum or Tequila!

So, are you interested in trying one out?  You should be…. because we are giving you the first one free.  Swing by Wing Doozy Wyoming, show us this post… and we’ll give you your first (non-alchoholic) slushy free!  (1 per person please…. Expires July 31).

The Fine Print:  We are a small local restaurant.  Please don’t abuse this offer.  We are excited about our slushies and we want you to try the first one on us! There is no purchase required… but we hope you do.  There is no way of making sure you only redeem this once…. but we also…hope you do.  If you’d like to “Adultify” your slushy, the slushy is free, the “adultifying” process is not.