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Crowdsourcing Kegs

WD Wyoming introduces Crowdsourcing Kegs

How our West Michigan establishment does draft beer.

If there’s one thing that we are passionate about, its people.  Our employees, our customers, and our community.  We all share that West Michigan bond, and in traveling the state, country, and world… there isn’t any place like West Michigan.  West Michigan supports its own.  Its why there is no better place in the world for craft beer and why we are known as Beer City USA.  We know and understand why supporting local matters.

We are going to use this West Michigan bond to create a truly unique experience when it comes to craft beer drinking.  We call it Crowdsourcing Kegs.  We will have a chalkboard with the list of all the craft beer kegs we have in the fridge separated into 3 categories:  IPA, Dark, and Seasonal.  The random person that orders the particular draft, and blows that particular keg… gets to pick what keg gets tapped next and we all get behind our own and support that decision!

We will make sure to have lots of options to choose from.  Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t.  Most will be from West Michigan breweries.  We want to support our local breweries, and we want to support our fans that pick the kegs by drinking their tap choice!

Sound fun?  Like the idea?  Lets do this.