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Closed Memorial Day

Just a reminder…. We will be CLOSED Monday May 28th, 2018 for Memorial Day.  Starting May 29th though….. Our New Summer Menu goes live!  You will want to come check out the new section of items!   Its awesome.

Teacher Appreciation Week — May 7-11th

Just a heads up.  We all have been blessed by teachers in our lives.  And next week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  And Wing Doozy Wants to GIVE BACK to ALL TEACHERS to say thanks!  Heres how:

Let’s be real. We aren’t the easiest sometimes. We goof off from time to time. We don’t pay as much attention as we should. We probably shouldn’t have our phones out as much as we do. We probably could have a better attitude on Mondays. We probably could be studying for the test tomorrow instead of dominating our friends in Fortnite. Wing Doozy wants to help you out. From NOW until May 11th, Wing Doozy will give you 15% off Gift Cards to give to your teacher. WD knows a lot of teachers. And WD knows your teachers spend quite a bit of their money on their students…. Let’s say THANKS back with something they will LOVE and appreciate! Like a gift card to Wing Doozy!

We all were kids once. We all had teachers that we remember. We all *probably* should have said thank you to them more than we actually did. West Michigan wouldn’t be the same without you, your predecessors, and their predecessors. And we want to say thank you for all the time, the effort, and personal money you put in on us and our children! For 2018, Wing Doozy wants to say THANK YOU to all Teachers! Stop in May 7-11 and receive 30% off YOUR meal just by showing us your School ID/Badge!

Give Back: 20 Liters, Tripelroot, & Wing Doozy Team Up!

Help Us Give Back! We all know that great beer needs clean water, but did you know that great beer could help make dirty water clean? This spring, 20 LitersTripelroot, and Wing Doozy have teamed up to produce a unique brew to raise funds, which make dirty water clean for vulnerable families in Rwanda. $1 of every pint sold of this brew goes towards helping others in need of clean water. Support us in this goal by stopping in for a beer or sharing this for more people to see!#giveback

High School Open House Season is Here!

High School Open Houses catered by Wing Doozy are awesome! Whether its 20 people or 600 people. We can handle it. Call us and lets chat through your party, and how we can help you win! Whether its just wings, or the whole thing. Let us finalize the food for your party with you!

Wyoming 1 Year Anniversary & March Specials to Celebrate!

We are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary of the Wyoming Location this week!  We are going to celebrate with an ENTIRE MONTH of specials and this WEEK is going to be HUGE!  $2 domestic drafts ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. FOR THE MONTH.

Our Anniversary special for THIS WEEK ONLY (March 4-10) $5 off ANY 30 Piece Wing order!  (Boneless OR Traditional)

We hope to see you soon!

March 2018 Specials

Wings For Superbowl! CALL AHEAD ASAP!

Ok…. Ok… You’ve waited till now to think about needing Wings for the Superbowl. Don’t Worry! We HAVE NOT sold out of timeslots yet. But they are filling up! You really should call us, FB Message Us, email us, etc. To get your wings order ready! Superbowl Menu is 20 wings (traditional/boneless) with 1 sauce. FB Message Us with Name, Location of Pickup, # of wings & sauce type(s), Preferred Time Slot(s), email, phone. Or CALL your Pickup Location!  We’ve earned the title Best Wings In Grand Rapids…. And we want you to enjoy them for the Superbowl!   #GETHYPED #WINGDOOZY

Superbowl 2018 — Important Information! How to Pre-Order The Best Wings In West Michigan!

Superbowl LII Is February 4th



Everyone knows that they NEED wings for their Superbowl Party!!!  And we have the best in West Michigan!  It is our biggest day of the year and we try to make it as seamless as possible!

Out of a courtesy to everyone, and  in order to accommodate as many orders as possible with minimal error, Wing Doozy will be taking PRE-ORDERS ONLY for all the timeslots within 1-7pm.

Based on last year…. ALL the timeslots will be filled inside that time window so make sure to call in your pre-order early!

Pre-Order via Phone, Email, Facebook Messenger or Walk-In.

Superbowl 2018 Menu

  • 20 Piece Boneless – 1 sauce — $18.49
  • 20 Piece Traditional – 1 sauce — $20.99

Order as many 20 pieces as you want!

Helpful Tips and Information

This keeps us running smooth and serve our customers better in 2018 with minimal wait time.

  • PLEASE make sure you order at the right location! (Stores are 20 minutes a part.)
  • We will turn our store phones OFF around 1:00 pm.
  • Online ordering WILL BE DISABLED for the Super Bowl.
  • If you can’t get your pre-game football timeslot…. And they are all taken when you want them…. Shoot for a halftime pickup!  Timeslots start to clear up then.
  • We learned from last year, and have modified our menu to standardize on a system that will improve accuracy and improve pickup scheduling. 1 Sauce per 20 piece (Example: If you order 100 wings, you get 5 sauces to choose from)