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Superbowl 2018 — Important Information! How to Pre-Order The Best Wings In West Michigan!

Superbowl LII Is February 4th



Everyone knows that they NEED wings for their Superbowl Party!!!  And we have the best in West Michigan!  It is our biggest day of the year and we try to make it as seamless as possible!

Out of a courtesy to everyone, and  in order to accommodate as many orders as possible with minimal error, Wing Doozy will be taking PRE-ORDERS ONLY for all the timeslots within 1-7pm.

Based on last year…. ALL the timeslots will be filled inside that time window so make sure to call in your pre-order early!

Pre-Order via Phone, Email, Facebook Messenger or Walk-In.

Superbowl 2018 Menu

  • 20 Piece Boneless – 1 sauce — $18.49
  • 20 Piece Traditional – 1 sauce — $20.99

Order as many 20 pieces as you want!

Helpful Tips and Information

This keeps us running smooth and serve our customers better in 2018 with minimal wait time.

  • PLEASE make sure you order at the right location! (Stores are 20 minutes a part.)
  • We will turn our store phones OFF around 1:00 pm.
  • Online ordering WILL BE DISABLED for the Super Bowl.
  • If you can’t get your pre-game football timeslot…. And they are all taken when you want them…. Shoot for a halftime pickup!  Timeslots start to clear up then.
  • We learned from last year, and have modified our menu to standardize on a system that will improve accuracy and improve pickup scheduling. 1 Sauce per 20 piece (Example: If you order 100 wings, you get 5 sauces to choose from)

2017 Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve Sunday: Closed.
Christmas Day Monday: Closed.
New Years Eve: 9pm Close at Wyoming, 8pm Close at Plainfield.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!

Fan Photos!

We love fan photos! Thanks to everyone that send em in. Check out this gem sent in by David!    Always feel free to send us or tag us in your photos!  We love hearing from all of you!

Thanksgiving / Black Friday Hours

Just an update on our Thanksgiving day hours!  We are CLOSED Thursday for Thanksgiving.  On Black Friday, we will open at 4:00pm!  The rest of the week will be normal business hours!

Veterans Day is Saturday November 11th, 2017

For anyone who has served or is serving in any branch of the US Military, Wing Doozy would like to honor and say THANK YOU by providing you a free meal on Veterans Day. Provide us any form of Military ID and receive a free Speedy Lunch Combo anytime throughout the day. Thank you for serving and protecting our freedoms! Please help us give back by SHARING this message to help get the word out to all our West Michigan Veterans! #usa #giveback #veteransday

Specials All Day Saturday For Michigan / Michigan State Game

NEED the Best Wings in West Michigan for the biggest game so far of the year?  Find the closest location to you…. and lets make your party epic.  OR…. come watch it with us!  Specials ALL day Saturday!

Plainfield (3916 Plainfield) Location Specials:

1) Any order 20 Wings or more, get free House Made Pork Rinds!

Wyoming (2359 Health Dr) Location Specials:

1) Any order 20 Wings or more, get free House Made Pork Rinds!
2) $2.50 Coors Lights ALL DAY

Facebook Post Contest: Win a Free Speedy Lunch!

Guess the score in the comments section of our Facebook post to win a a free Speedy Lunch Combo!

Call Ahead or Order Online!

We always recommend ordering online or calling ahead your order!  We’ve been taking pickup orders for the game all week and ALWAYS appreciate you giving us a heads up early!

Wing Doozy Wyoming Football Watch Party Craft Beer Special!

Announcing something fun!!! $3 (remember no tips!) per pint of Perrin Brewing Hotbox Brown ANYTIME a college football or NFL game is on one of our TVs this weekend! Come in tonight for NFL Kickoff, any college football game, or any NFL game! Pricing valid till the keg blows! Please share to help spread the word of our sale this weekend!

Win Discounts & Free Wing? Play our Fantasy NFL Pick ’em for free!

A fan favorite and returning again this year! Win Discounts & Free Food by trying to beat us at Pro Football Pick’em! Each week discounts are on the line! Beating Todd = 10% off. Beating Randy = 10% off. Discounts are stackable so you beat us both and you get 20% off! Play all 17 weeks. Win a free Speedy Lunch! Technically EVERYONE could win EVERY WEEK!

Sign up with the link below and the following Info: Group ID# (12800) | Password (wingdoozy).

Who’s in? Who wants to have some fun? And who excited for some Football and Wing Doozy!

Direct Link to Join Here!

Looking for a Fantasy Football Draft Party Location?

Looking for a cool place to throw a Fantasy Football Draft Party? We have a great setup, includes use of bigscreen for a draft board, wifi, etc. Interested? No reservation needed, however if you let us know you’re coming…. We can reserve the TV cable(s) for you!