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Wing Doozy Wyoming — Now Serving Craft Draft Beer!

Beer is now available on tap at Wing Doozy Wyoming!  Stop in to see the selection and enjoy either Coors Light (we know this isn’t craft), an IPA/Light beer, Dark, or Seasonal category!  A great place now for your happy hour!  Happy Hours run Mon-Friday 2-5:30pm!  But for the next week….. its Happy Hour EVERY HOUR to celebrate our launch!  Stop in today and try a beer with the best wings in Grand Rapids!

Crowdsourcing Kegs

WD Wyoming introduces Crowdsourcing Kegs

How our West Michigan establishment does draft beer.

If there’s one thing that we are passionate about, its people.  Our employees, our customers, and our community.  We all share that West Michigan bond, and in traveling the state, country, and world… there isn’t any place like West Michigan.  West Michigan supports its own.  Its why there is no better place in the world for craft beer and why we are known as Beer City USA.  We know and understand why supporting local matters.

We are going to use this West Michigan bond to create a truly unique experience when it comes to craft beer drinking.  We call it Crowdsourcing Kegs.  We will have a chalkboard with the list of all the craft beer kegs we have in the fridge separated into 3 categories:  IPA, Dark, and Seasonal.  The random person that orders the particular draft, and blows that particular keg… gets to pick what keg gets tapped next and we all get behind our own and support that decision!

We will make sure to have lots of options to choose from.  Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t.  Most will be from West Michigan breweries.  We want to support our local breweries, and we want to support our fans that pick the kegs by drinking their tap choice!

Sound fun?  Like the idea?  Lets do this.

Kids Eat Free!  

Starting today through Memorial Day, Kids 10 and under receive 2 boneless wings, mini fry, and a drink for free on Mondays and Tuesdays!  Stop in today and verify we are worth the voted on award of “Best Wings in Grand Rapids!”

6th in the State!

6th in the state for best wings!  Check out the Article Here from Best Things Michigan!  For our tiny establishment, we’re humbled, amazed, and ecstatic! Hopefully everyone that comes in feels our appreciation, happiness, and love of our fans! Most important: a huge thank you to all our employees that rep the WD and live this every day!  Can’t wait to see what happens in the coming months!

Closed Easter

Just a Public Service Announcement!  We will be closed Easter.  Take a day off from chicken…. Eat Ham.  And let Wing Doozy help you out on Monday!

High School Open House Catering!

Planning an Open House for your Graduate?  Let us be perfectly clear.  We are awesome at this!  Call us, Facebook Message Us, Email Us…. Whatever you’d like.  We are pro’s at this and have done this tons of times around West Michigan.  Delivery is available if needed, recommendations, sizing help, etc.  We are about making your party a hit and sizing it correctly…. and NOT selling you as much food as possible.  We have many examples and customer references of how “spot on” our sizing was for their party and how it really was a hit!  So when you start planning your High School Open House, call Wing Doozy!

Updated Website

Thanks for all the feedback we’ve received thus far! We certainly appreciate it all! The website recently has been updated with the new Wyoming Location. So everything keeps moving forward! Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we are doing! We always love feedback!

Wing Doozy Wyoming is Open!

Thanks to all the construction crews that busted it getting us open by early March!  Its been a wild few months full of ups and downs but we are happy to announce that we are Open For Business at our Wyoming Location!  Its 2359 Health Dr, Wyoming MI.  Phone Number for Call Ahead is 616-228-8855.  A new type of atmosphere, a new type of restaurant, with the same Wing Doozy quality you come to expect!  Introducing a bunch of new food items to our Menu as well that have all received AMAZING reviews! Come try our Housemade Portobello Fingers, our  3 Flavors of Housemade Tater Tots (Doozentot, Sriachatot, TatoTot), and our fresh Pork Rines!   Eventually we will be rolling out this new menu to Plainfield as well… but we’re a small shop trying to grow in a controlled fashion and not TOO fast with all this change.  We could talk for hours on the things we WANT to do in the future.  🙂  But for now…. Come try us out for Take Out, Dine in, or your next Catering Event!

Super Bowl Sunday Recap & Self-Reflection

WHOAH!!!  WHAT A DAY YESTERDAY……  The Super Bowl EVERY YEAR is our busiest day of the year and we want to THANK EVERYONE that came in for wings and fries!    WE LOVED IT!   In an effort to constantly improve we want to provide you our self-reflection, recap of the day, and lessons we learned! 


 Pre-Order Scheduling – We had a plan to maximize the amount of wings we could produce.  We were completely “sold out” from 3pm – 6:30pm (which means we sold every wing we could possibly make through that time period). 

 Execution — We sold a boatload more than a busy Friday/Saturday night.  Our staff excelled, and overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with their professionalism, capabilities, and execution.  Mistakes happen, and if your order by chance was messed up, we urge you to message us, call us, or email us.  If we need to make it right…. We will.

  Future Improvement:

 Customer Communication — We should have communicated via social media that we were going to turn our phone/online ordering off at 3pm. We had to shut the systems off to tend to the existing orders.

 Certain Customer wait times:  We got backed up and were behind some scheduled pickup windows.  And unfortunately the customers who pre-ordered first to get the premium pickup time slot were affected.  We were all caught up by 6:30pm, but customers were affected and we didn’t meet our goal.  We are currently processing ways to be more efficient, and we apologize for getting behind.

 Overall Though…. We were very pleased with the day and will continue to improve as a business.  We’d love your comments, ideas of ways to improve, and your feedback.  Message Us or Email us.  We want to hear from you.  Thanks for all your support yesterday and we look forward to the future!

Super Bowl 2017 — Lets Do This!

Superbowl 2017 is this sunday. Pre-Order your Wings and Fries today! Give us a call. We want to make sure everyone gets all the wings they need! We’ll be staffed for a HUGE day…. so we hopefully will be fully caught up, running early and make your ordering experience the BEST EVER. Call us today!