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Teacher Appreciation Week — May 7-11th

Just a heads up.  We all have been blessed by teachers in our lives.  And next week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  And Wing Doozy Wants to GIVE BACK to ALL TEACHERS to say thanks!  Heres how:

Let’s be real. We aren’t the easiest sometimes. We goof off from time to time. We don’t pay as much attention as we should. We probably shouldn’t have our phones out as much as we do. We probably could have a better attitude on Mondays. We probably could be studying for the test tomorrow instead of dominating our friends in Fortnite. Wing Doozy wants to help you out. From NOW until May 11th, Wing Doozy will give you 15% off Gift Cards to give to your teacher. WD knows a lot of teachers. And WD knows your teachers spend quite a bit of their money on their students…. Let’s say THANKS back with something they will LOVE and appreciate! Like a gift card to Wing Doozy!

We all were kids once. We all had teachers that we remember. We all *probably* should have said thank you to them more than we actually did. West Michigan wouldn’t be the same without you, your predecessors, and their predecessors. And we want to say thank you for all the time, the effort, and personal money you put in on us and our children! For 2018, Wing Doozy wants to say THANK YOU to all Teachers! Stop in May 7-11 and receive 30% off YOUR meal just by showing us your School ID/Badge!