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Super Bowl Sunday Recap & Self-Reflection

WHOAH!!!  WHAT A DAY YESTERDAY……  The Super Bowl EVERY YEAR is our busiest day of the year and we want to THANK EVERYONE that came in for wings and fries!    WE LOVED IT!   In an effort to constantly improve we want to provide you our self-reflection, recap of the day, and lessons we learned! 


 Pre-Order Scheduling – We had a plan to maximize the amount of wings we could produce.  We were completely “sold out” from 3pm – 6:30pm (which means we sold every wing we could possibly make through that time period). 

 Execution — We sold a boatload more than a busy Friday/Saturday night.  Our staff excelled, and overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with their professionalism, capabilities, and execution.  Mistakes happen, and if your order by chance was messed up, we urge you to message us, call us, or email us.  If we need to make it right…. We will.

  Future Improvement:

 Customer Communication — We should have communicated via social media that we were going to turn our phone/online ordering off at 3pm. We had to shut the systems off to tend to the existing orders.

 Certain Customer wait times:  We got backed up and were behind some scheduled pickup windows.  And unfortunately the customers who pre-ordered first to get the premium pickup time slot were affected.  We were all caught up by 6:30pm, but customers were affected and we didn’t meet our goal.  We are currently processing ways to be more efficient, and we apologize for getting behind.

 Overall Though…. We were very pleased with the day and will continue to improve as a business.  We’d love your comments, ideas of ways to improve, and your feedback.  Message Us or Email us.  We want to hear from you.  Thanks for all your support yesterday and we look forward to the future!