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West Michigan’s place for chicken wings.

Welcome to Wing Doozy.
We are Wings. We are West Michigan. We are Wing Doozy and we provide the best chicken wings and customer service around.
We use only the finest, largest, and freshest, never frozen, bone-in traditional wings. We also hand craft and make all our own boneless wings in house out of pure, never frozen, white meat. You won’t find a larger, fresher, or perfect boneless wing anywhere.
We hand make all our sauces. We are constantly striving to find ways to improve our products, processes, and performance.
Try us out. Chicken never tasted so good.

Wing Doozy does amazing things, including fresh, large portions, and fantastic customer service. We do what should be done: Focus on product. Not sure what to order, or stuck in a rut? Ask us or call us. We’ll help you decide or mix it up a bit, because that’s what we love and what our passion is…. Getting you to love what you eat.

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We’d love to cater your next party. Whether you are hosting a high school open house, a Lion’s football game, a bachelor party, a dorm mixer, you pick!! We put together packages for you that fit what you are looking for!

We help you talk through everything you will need. We help you size portions correctly, choose the right variety of wings, sauces and sides. Our wings are just what you are looking for at prices that beat our “competitors”! We have catered parties with orders ranging from 50-1500 wings and will be ready for your party, too. At the end of the day, we will work hard because we want to not only cater your party, but the party after that, too!

Below is our catering menu. Use the Contact us section and let us know how we can help.

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Super Bowl Sunday Recap & Self-Reflection

WHOAH!!!  WHAT A DAY YESTERDAY……  The Super Bowl EVERY YEAR is our busiest day of the year and we want to THANK EVERYONE that came in for wings and fries!    WE LOVED IT!   In an effort to constantly improve we want to provide you our self-reflection, recap of the day, and lessons we learned! 


 Pre-Order Scheduling – We had a plan to maximize the amount of wings we could produce.  We were completely “sold out” from 3pm – 6:30pm (which means we sold every wing we could possibly make through that time period). 

 Execution — We sold a boatload more than a busy Friday/Saturday night.  Our staff excelled, and overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with their professionalism, capabilities, and execution.  Mistakes happen, and if your order by chance was messed up, we urge you to message us, call us, or email us.  If we need to make it right…. We will.

  Future Improvement:

 Customer Communication — We should have communicated via social media that we were going to turn our phone/online ordering off at 3pm. We had to shut the systems off to tend to the existing orders.

 Certain Customer wait times:  We got backed up and were behind some scheduled pickup windows.  And unfortunately the customers who pre-ordered first to get the premium pickup time slot were affected.  We were all caught up by 6:30pm, but customers were affected and we didn’t meet our goal.  We are currently processing ways to be more efficient, and we apologize for getting behind.

 Overall Though…. We were very pleased with the day and will continue to improve as a business.  We’d love your comments, ideas of ways to improve, and your feedback.  Message Us or Email us.  We want to hear from you.  Thanks for all your support yesterday and we look forward to the future!

Super Bowl 2017 — Lets Do This!

Superbowl 2017 is this sunday. Pre-Order your Wings and Fries today! Give us a call. We want to make sure everyone gets all the wings they need! We’ll be staffed for a HUGE day…. so we hopefully will be fully caught up, running early and make your ordering experience the BEST EVER. Call us today!

SuperBowl 2017 — Chicken Wings & Fries

SuperBowl 2017 is February 5! Last year we sold out of chicken wings, and this year we DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT! Based on historical volume…. We only will be serving Wings & Fries on Superbowl Sunday. Pre-Order SUPERBOWL SPECIAL: 15% off 20+ Piece Boneless Orders! Please share to help support US on our […]

Community Give Backs?

Have you ever wondered what all Wing Doozy did for their Community Give Backs thus far? All of them are available on our website under the Community Tab! We also want to hear from you on additional places we could highlight in 2017! Drop us a line on the contact us section!

Wing Doozy & The Orange Bowl!

The Orange Bowl features Michigan Football TONIGHT! Call Ahead or Order Online and your order will be ready for you! We still have our BEST DEAL OF 2016 going on as well! $5 off 30 boneless! #GoBlue